The Dubai Permanent Committee of Labour Affairs recognizes workers with a special New Year’s Celebration event

The Dubai Permanent Committee of Labour Affairs recognizes workers with a special New Year’s Celebration event

Dubai – The Permanent Committee of Labour Affairs in Dubai is organizing a special entertainment initiative for the New Year Eve’s festivities, on December 31st, 2023, dedicated to workers living in labor accommodations as part of its relentless effort to promote social responsibilities.

The ceremony emphasizes the committee’s dedication to building connections between diverse groups within society and highlights Dubai’s rising prominence as one of the best cities to live and work in the world.

This year, three different areas were chosen by the committee for the event – Jebel Ali, Al Quoz Industrial Area and Muhaisnah – aiming to broaden the scope of the celebration considering the high turnout and positive impact of previous years’ festivities.

In an interview about this major event, the Secretary-General of the Permanent Committee of Labour Affairs in Dubai, Mr. Abdullah Lashkari said: “The Committee stresses the importance of recognizing workers and emphasizing their pivotal role in the process of growth and prosperity, thus providing them with a New Year’s celebration that is a true reflection of their traditions and cultures”. Mr. Abdullah Lashkari pointed out that “these celebrations will significantly enhance trust between the Committee and workers who are an essential part of society, they are in fact a foundation of the society”.

The New Year’s Eve celebrations offer a variety of entertainment activities and traditional musical performances presented by bands from Pakistan, Bangladesh, India and other countries.

To show its appreciation, the Permanent Committee of Labour Affairs in Dubai is also organizing competitions and offering many prizes for participants, including smartphones, in addition to a special surprise this year, with a raffle for three cars taking place at the three main celebration areas.

Mr. Lashkari added: “The Committee is working to strengthen this connection with different groups of the society, which helps to maintain a pace with changes and developments and create proactive solutions for any situations that this large group may encounter. It is also our responsibility to express gratitude and appreciation for the significant role played by the workers, that’s why the Committee is determined to express appreciation and gratitude to the labor class by including them in all community events”.

The New year’s celebration will feature a variety of cultural and entertainment performances and activities, including a traditional Bollywood dance, the Kathak Traditional Classical Indian Dance and a blend of modern and traditional dance show by a contemporary Pakistani dance group.


Suzanne El Wattar